Cisco Stealthwatch Icons

A set of icons made for use in product diagrams and marketing materials for Cisco Stealthwatch

The Stealthwatch product marketing library had very generic box shapes representing most of the products and services. These did not help illustrate what they did. It also made the diagrams and data sheet illustrations very boring. I met with product managers and technical subject matter experts and engineers to better understand what problems each product or service helped solve and how they worked. I used this research to create a series of sketches and then create icons for the Stealthwatch Management Console, Flow Collector, Flow Sensor, and the product that became the UDP Director. The most recent of these has been the Cisco Stealthwatch Network Learning License. The Proxywatch License and Packetwatch license icons were made in collaboration with my team lead. The Threat Feed License icon is a placeholder. It is a rough icon based off of a design we use on our web site and was not created by me. 
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