Awesome Shark Sticker

It all started with a whiteboard sketch I did one morning for fun. For me it represented doing something dangerous with panache. I also loved the idea of something that is usually feared like a shark, being all smiles. I created these stickers as a personal project to give away when I meet people. People love being reminded they are awesome.

It all started with a whiteboard doodle. We were going through a crunch at work and I made a little doodle to de-stress. This little shark stuck with me though. When I decided to create stickers as a fun personal giveaway, I was inspired by this little guy's can do attitude.
I started sketching out a rough of the design in Adobe Draw. I drew the letters by hand with an Apple Pencil and used the layers tool in Adobe Draw to iterate on lines and color. I redrew that poor shark several times and did research on great white sharks to get a more anatomically correct shape. 
Adobe Draw makes it pretty easy to try different color options, so I explored several combinations but ended up with a final palette of a burnt orange, a sunny yellow and a spring green. I really didn't want it to look like a Miami Dolphins promo item gone bad. 
Final Stickers fresh from StandOutStickers
I sourced several different sticker vendors and settled on Standout Stickers since they had the size and shape and finish I was looking for at a very competitive price. It was a personal project so I had a very limited budget. They were a great vendor to work with but on my next sticker project I will spring for printed backs. 
I gave these little guys out at Creative South 2016 and How Design Live 2016. They are a fun item to share when I meet other creatives and as a sample of my work. 
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